Thursday, June 28, 2007

Samsung F200 (SGH-F200)

The Samsung F200 is a mobile phone styled like an MP3 player. It follows on from the similar Samsung "Blush" X830 and is basically a slightly cut-down version of the SGH-F210 announced at the same time.

This is a very narrow handset that looks just like an MP3 player when folded up. However, rotate the display and you'll see that the SGH-F200 has a hidden numeric keypad. One key difference (if you'll forgive the pun) between this and the X830 is that the keypad follows a much more conventional layout. It's quite lightweight too.. the Samsung F200 weighs just 76 grams and measures 90 x 33 x 20mm.

The SGH-F200's display is an unusual 128 x 220 pixel panel in 262,000 colours. Internal memory is just 5MB, but the standard sales package includes a 512MB microSD card, and the Samsung F200 can take up to 2GB of memory expansion. The SGH-F200 also supports stereo Bluetooth, as well as a wired stereo connection.

Of course, this looks like an MP3 player because it is an MP3 player, or to be more precise the Samsung F200 is an MP3 / AAC / AAC+ / WMA player with an FM radio thrown in for good measure. It also supports various Digital Rights Management (DRM) formats. The F200 also supports a music library and music setup wizard application.

The small screen isn't ideal for web browsing, although the SGH-F200 does have a WAP browser. Remember that Samsung are one of the few mobile phone manufacturers who make MP3 players, so you can expect the F200 to be quite usable despite it's unusual format.

Unlike the F210, the SGH-F200 doesn't come with a digital camera.

Although the Samsung F200 does look very much like an MP3 player, it does also make phone calls. It supports tri-band 900/1800/1900 MHz GSM and has GPRS.

Price and availability are not known at present, although the F200 should be somewhat cheaper than the F210.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sony Ericsson "Unique" Mobile Phone

This Sony Ericsson phone concept by Karsten Willmann has all the basics of “phone concepts 101″ down. You’ve got the high contrast OLED display. You’ve got the really thin form factor. And then there’s the number key pad and soft keys sitting nearly flush with the surface.

But what’s really interesting is the bulge protruding from its center-back, hiding a camera and flashlight. Lay it on a table and the screen stays angled just enough so legibility isn’t an issue. source:yankodesign

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sony Ericsson W910 Preview


The unique chance to spend some time with Sony Ericsson W910 – the newest Walkman phone of the brand, announced just a week ago at Berlin, as the manufacturer’s “next big thing”. W910 moves the Walkman series to the next level, featuring slim and sexy slider design, new software tweaks, large display and functionality of a high-class device.

[Keep in mind – this is a prototype, and there will probably be a lot of changes in the final version that will hit the markets in Q4 this year. We won’t do an in-depth review, just a preview due to the fact this is not a final product.]


When we first saw the W910, we immediately took it for a slider-W880 – just like it, the new one is very slim (12.5mm/0.5”), has small keys, and aggressive but sexy look, thanks to the deep red color of the housing. Another version replaces the red with black, and looks calmer, but in our opinion less attractive.

You can carry the slim slider in a pocket with no worries, and you will appreciate the weight of 3 oz (86 grams). It also sits comfortably in the palm, and sliding it up to open is a real pleasure – the spring assisted mechanism is very strong and its only drawback is the sound it produces – a relatively loud bang, as the one of a Nokia E65.

The display is with size of 2.44 inches, has 262k colors and QVGA resolution. It is very bright unit, and put next to the 6120 classic makes the latter look as a phone from a previous generation – it is darker and the colors are not that vivid, the image doesn’t look alive, as they on the W910. But this display also has drawbacks – the colors. In the Nokia display with 16 million colors we can see graceful transition from one hue to another; with the W910 we have choppy frames. That lack of colors can hardly be noted looking at normal images – as we’ve said, they look very well. The preloaded images with the phone make its display look superb!

The keyboard, with the navigation keys on the upper slider and the 12 numeric buttons on the bottom one. All of them are in red color, merging with the look of the phone as a whole, but the silver directional pad, with the music functionality shown on it. The two soft keys are combined in common shape with respectively the answer/reject keys. They are very small, but are pressed softly and have good relief. If you have big fingers – it would be a problem, but otherwise, they work fine. Still, we don’t encourage making some of the most used keys that small.
The shortcut and clear keys, which are a step bigger.

The numeric keys on the bottom slider are totally flat but we may live with this, if they were not hard to press and lacking any tactile feedback. We hope those problems will be changed in the commercially available unit, but it is not sure.

The right side houses holes for a strap, volume rocker, slot for M2 card and the camera shutter key. On the left side, alone is the standard Sony Ericsson multi-purpose connector. We are not very happy with this, as some accessories designed for most phones of the brand won’t work, as it is with the W880.

Interesting solution is the battery cover, which has a Lock, in order to be stable. It is small and thin piece of plastic, but thanks to the locking mechanism it stays still, doesn’t wobble.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Nokia introduces three New Mobile Phones

Nokia 6121 classic and Nokia 6120 classic

Nokia 3500 classic

Nokia introduces three versatile mobile phones targeted to mid-range market,Nokia 6267, Nokia 3500 classic and Nokia 6121 classic.

Today, during its annual Nokia Connection event in Singapore, Nokia expanded its portfolio of affordable, well-designed mobile phones for the mid-range market with the introduction of the Nokia 6267, Nokia 3500 classic and Nokia 6121 classic. The new devices offer a range of easy-to-use features and are designed for mid-range market, the industry's broadest audience. These new mobile phones are expected to begin shipping in the third quarter 2007.

Nokia 6267:
Keeping it simple. Easy-to-access music, videos and photos With dedicated media keys and multimedia applications, the colorful Nokia 6267 places a premium on keeping it simple, so that listening to music, watching videos and sorting through photos is a breeze. The Nokia 6267 includes an enhanced music player and dedicated keys to make listening to music uncomplicated. Capturing events and playback of video clips and stills for family and friends is also easier and impressive with the new high speed video capability and two cameras, including a 2 megapixel camera with flash and 8X digital zoom. The Nokia 6267 utilizes 3G technology for fast downloads, Internet browsing and video calls. The sleek and compact fold phone also offers a large keypad and high resolution screen, calendar, organizer, and support for up to 4GB of expandable memory to store movie clips, images and music. The Nokia 6267 has up to 6.5 hours of talk time and up to 12.5 days of standby time. The anticipated retail price of the Nokia 6267 is EUR 240, before taxes and subsidies.

Nokia 3500 classic:
Affordable mobile technology in a timeless design
For consumers who are looking for an easy-to-use, stylish yet affordable mobile phone, the Nokia 3500 classic offers traditional features in a timeless design. The sleek, comfortable Nokia 3500 classic will be available as a collection of vibrant colours with eye-catching keymat split line colouring. The metal frame around the phone accentuates a sophisticated design language and offers protection as well. The Nokia 3500 classic comes with an FM radio, 2 megapixel camera, instant messaging and space for 2,000 phone contacts. It offers up to 3 hours of talk time and up to 12 days of standby time. The anticipated retail price of the Nokia 3500 classic is EUR 135, before taxes and subsidies.

Nokia 6121 classic:
A versatile smartphone for 3G technology
The Nokia 6121 classic, a fast and versatile smartphone in a compact design, supports quadband GSM and WCDMA 900/2100 technology. With a 2-megapixel camera and 4X- digital zoom, flash and panorama mode, taking high-quality photos is fast and easy. Additionally, the Nokia 6121 classic also features a second camera in the front that adds a personal touch to calls by making use of the video call feature. The Nokia 6121 classic utilizes HSDPA technology providing faster and easier downloads, Internet browsing, video streaming and receiving emails with attachements. The Data Transfer application allows consumers to transfer contacts, calendars, photos, videos and files from their previous Nokia to their new Nokia 6121 classic. The anticipated retail price of the Nokia 6121 classic is EUR 260, before taxes and subsidies.

Nokia 6267

New Sony Ericsson Touch Screen Concept

How about this new Concept for a Sony Ericsson Touch Screen phone that someone has dreamt up.

Nothing is known of the origins or inspiration behind this concept?So all we can do is sit back and admire the design which is actually quite good.